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Climate Emergency Reading Recs


This zine is a starting place, an entryway. This is a list of (mostly) books we (Amelia Greenhall and Elizabeth Case) have read and vetted. It’s a list of what has stuck with us, and some notes on why. It’s a list to try to collect ourselves in the face of an overwhelming force – global climate change – and pour out into the world a little of what it has given us. It is not comprehensive; the readings we chose were deeply informed and shaped by our personal biases, perspectives, and reading preferences.

Perhaps, then, this list is best described as a small selection of wildflowers from a small section of meadow, while the rest of the field and forest rolls on toward the horizon.

We hope this zine is a place of connection, a way of building solidarity and relationships across time and space. We hope some of these stories recommended within can help turn climate despair into something less stagnant, that others will fill you with wonder and incredulity, and still more will remind you of the power we all have to grow a sustained, thriving, equitable, and extravagantly joyful world.